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Q: Can I train hard by myself during the week and then only come for the weekend or some days and/or training camps? A: Yes. This is a good option, although eventually it might be better to come to the facility more often, especially during last part of the preparation and the racing season. You are very welcome to join during training weekends/camps.

Q: Can I join if I cannot make it to all the workouts? A: I understand daily and social occasions happen, but try to make it to the Big Ones. Easy runs you can do by yourself. If a key session is planned, we’ll make it work, and otherwise you will be tough enough on yourself to make it through. We’ll be in touch.

Q: I live far. Can I join for the weekend and do the rest of the week by myself? A: This is possible, but not ideal. To get a feel for training and coaching, please start looking for a place to live close by and join on training camps. Coaching will be remote online, phone or live connection. There will be daily contact.

Q: I do not live in The Netherlands. How can I join? A: See the question above. Coaching will be remote online, phone or live connection. If moving is a big step, come join for training camps and maybe make us your base camp for the summer.

Q: I have a personal sponsor. Can I make an outing on a shirt? A: Yes. We don’t have a shiny kit with the same colors, yet. But we train as hard as we can. There might be a casual team shirt some day, and if it helps you to have space for a personal sponsor, this is ok. You can put it on your racing kit as well.

Q: Do I need to race for Zaanland Track Club? A: No, you pay-as-you-go through Milers. You can get a membership at Zaanland Track Club, which settles the track fee.

Q: How does it work when I cannot make it to training camp? A: Coaching will then be done online or a live connection can be set up. You will be tough enough to get through the workouts. We are looking for an assistant-coach.

Q: Do you have positions available to fill? A: Yes, but that will be internship or volunteer positions at the moment, sometimes we can offer a small fee. Planning, coaching, management, social media, website. That kind of stuff. Please inform.


CONTACT for training or comment/question:

Or, contact Lead Coach Peter Wolters directly by calling or WhatsApp: +31614846350

Or, send a pigeon to Milers Foundation, Jan Hobergstraat 19, 1901PK, Castricum, The Netherlands