Latest: Flagstaff Spring Camp 2019

3 feb 2019: From 1 april – 30 april: Peter, Sanne, Bianca, Marissa, Koen and Victor, Dick, Elsbeth will be in Flagstaff. Join us and the connection with Benjamin, Sarah, Ylnur, Richard, Honore, Havard. Find a flight to Phoenix and take a car/ the shuttle to Flagstaff.  Show your interest before Feb 20th.
In general: from Amsterdam: Flight EUR 400, housing EUR 100/week, other expenses (car/gym) EUR 300. Plus a budget for food/gas/day trip/unforeseen. Questions: Contact Form

Are you reading this after Feb20th? Still want to join? Let me know. Book your own accommodation and join for the workouts.

8 Jan 2019. Sanne and Peter were joined in South Africa by team members Bianca and Calvin and guest athlete Victor. A total of about 15 Dutch athletes spent those winter weeks in South Africa and had fun at the occasional Dutch dinner.

18oct2018: Dec 10th to Jan 20th to be in Potch, South Africa. Want to join (or only part of this period)? Find your flight to Johannesburg, rent a car or we can pick-up. Think 200 euro per week for food and accommodation, 3-8 euro per day for trainingfacilities. Plus some extra when going to the river or a wild life mini trip. Questions: contact form.

The site is in English for international purposes, maar ik spreek gewoon Nederlands. Also okay in Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Afrikaans.

Feel free to inform about joining a workout, run or short stay. Or, if you have questions about joining the team or about anything else, please use the contact form.

*This site and the initiative are in progress and will be updated from time to time. For now, it’ll be text only.*

Planning ahead for the 2019 season: There are plans for an altitude camp in the winter (Africa) and an altitude/racing camp in the spring (USA).