Latest: 2021


30 Sep 2020: After a weird approach to the season, it turned out to be a season for the young ones. Generally the older athletes took the time to adjust, take a step back, not overdo it and focus on 2021 early.
Slowly but surely training will be picking up again soon.
What we learned from this situation, is that there will always be some way to show what one is capable of.
One way or another there will be a start and finish line.

28 Mar 2020: We cannot deny, COVID19 spoiled the party. We were planning to be in Flagstaff, USA right now, but that didn’t happen. What we can control, we try to control. Training at home and solo, but we will be ready when the day comes.

6 Feb 2020: Since the end of World Champs, some time has pcassed. We changed location for the track workouts to Zaanland Track Club.
The team roster of athletes has changed as well: Sanne, Bianca, Marissa and Victor are accompanied by Clarisse, Jurjen , Simon and Priscilla. Most of them have escaped the Dutch winter, by doing a long stay in Potchefstroom, South Africa. We train hard, we race hard. Things are looking solid for the next couple of weeks for the ones who are going to run indoor National Champs. Also on the calendar, an altitude camp in Flagstaff, Arizona, to prepare for the outdoor season.
Talking about a season: last week it all started up again with the first indoor races. Follow us online, instagram/facebook/twitter, or anywhere to be up-to-date.