Latest: Early season SB’s and athlete management

*This site and the initiative are in progress and will be updated from time to time, maybe once every couple of months. For now, it’ll be text only. Feel free to inform about joining a workout, run or short stay. Or, if you have questions about using the coaching services, athlete management or about anything else, please use the contact form.*

18 Jun 2019: After a month in Flagstaff, the first set of early season races has finished for most, while others are on the way towards their first races. Let’s improve on the SB’s!

Also.. the first international athletes have found their way, coming from Zimbabwe and South Africa to train and compete in Holland and Belgium for a month.

3 feb 2019: From 1 april – 30 april: Peter, Sanne, Bianca, Marissa, Koen and Victor, Dick, Elsbeth will be in Flagstaff. Join us and the connection with Benjamin, Sarah, Ylnur, Richard, Honore, Havard. Find a flight to Phoenix and take a car/ the shuttle to Flagstaff.  Show your interest before Feb 20th.
In general: from Amsterdam: Flight EUR 400, housing EUR 100/week, other expenses (car/gym) EUR 300. Plus a budget for food/gas/day trip/unforeseen. Questions: Contact Form

Are you reading this after Feb20th? Still want to join? Let me know. Book your own accommodation and join for the workouts.

8 Jan 2019. Sanne and Peter were joined in South Africa by team members Bianca and Calvin and guest athlete Victor. A total of about 15 Dutch athletes spent those winter weeks in South Africa and had fun at the occasional Dutch dinner.

18 Oct 2018: Dec 10th to Jan 20th Potchefstroom, South Africa. Want to join (or only part of this period)? Find your flight to Johannesburg, rent a car or we can pick-up. Think 200 euro per week for food and accommodation, 3-8 euro per day for trainingfacilities. Plus some extra when going to the river or a wild life mini trip. Questions: contact form.

The site is in English for international purposes, maar ik spreek gewoon Nederlands. Also okay in Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Afrikaans.

Planning ahead for the 2019 season: There are plans for an altitude camp in the winter (Africa) and an altitude/racing camp in the spring (USA).