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6 Oct 2019: Crazy what just happened. The Dutch womens 4×400 did everything right, Bianca ran the 3rd leg in over a second faster than her 400m PB, and the team qualified for the final tomorrow. Coming from so far this year, this is great!

Update (7oct): In the final, Bianca even ran a bit faster. Eventually for a 7th place and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Qualification.

1 sep 2019: Bianca qualified with the Dutch team to go to training camp in Belek and then to the World Champs in Doha. Sanne ran 2.01.86 and has a small international q for Doha. Unfortunately, due to recurring lower leg issues we projected that an eventual preparation for the World Champs would be too much of a healt risk. Having already raced a semi final in Londen 2017, the goal should be to prepare to race for a place in the final. This is not going to be possible. So we had to withdraw. Victor and Marissa almost ending their season in style. PBs and good races in the front of the pack. Looking forward for a break and the 2020 season. Some new athletes coming in for the 2020 season. Preparation will start in October, real training in November.

4 aug 2019 (1): 1 weeks after Nationals, one week before European Cup. SB’s turning into PB’s. Marissa getting used to international races and a season that runs through August. Cherry on the cake… selection to run in the Dutch orange vest for the first time ever. Coming from not a track background as a junior, it is very special to have the opportunity to race the 800m in Orange in Sandness next week. Well deserved, due to a stable season and a silver at Nationals.
Bianca also made her way back into Orange, with a big PB in the 400m. She will be part of the 4x400m. After a difficult, challenging last couple of years, it is a good start to be back on this level. Well done! Might have a season throught October. Unreal if you know she couldn’t even jog a lap when we started working together last November.
Sanne unfortunately had to skip the first part of the season and did a lot of shitty workouts on the bike or other alternative ways. She is on the way back with a 2.03.28 season opener in Ninove last weekend. Sharpening up and running daily again. Getting ready to try for the Doha Q.
Young kid on the block Victor Vanderwel made sure all his KMs he put in were rewarded with big PBs. He is gearing up, hoping to run in the Orange vest one day, most notably in 2021, European U23s.
At least one more month to go. Let’s see what happens.

4 aug 2019 (2):
Important Notice: At the moment it is time for you, athletes to make plans for next year. If you feel like joining, or want more info, reach out to us on the Q&A page. We are talking to athletes, and there’s only that much space on the roster. Don’t miss out.

18 Jun 2019: After a month in Flagstaff, the first set of early season races has finished for most, while others are on the way towards their first races. Let’s improve on the SB’s!

Also.. the first international athletes have found their way, coming from Zimbabwe and South Africa to train and compete in Holland and Belgium for a month.

3 feb 2019: From 1 april – 30 april: Peter, Sanne, Bianca, Marissa, Koen and Victor, Dick, Elsbeth will be in Flagstaff. Join us and the connection with Benjamin, Sarah, Ylnur, Richard, Honore, Havard. Find a flight to Phoenix and take a car/ the shuttle to Flagstaff.  Show your interest before Feb 20th.
In general: from Amsterdam: Flight EUR 400, housing EUR 100/week, other expenses (car/gym) EUR 300. Plus a budget for food/gas/day trip/unforeseen. Questions: Contact Form

Are you reading this after Feb20th? Still want to join? Let me know. Book your own accommodation and join for the workouts.

8 Jan 2019. Sanne and Peter were joined in South Africa by team members Bianca and Calvin and guest athlete Victor. A total of about 15 Dutch athletes spent those winter weeks in South Africa and had fun at the occasional Dutch dinner.

Christmas eve in South Africa!