SpeedRunning: Run fast to race fast.

SpeedRunning blends sprint training into distance running. It is not a pure sprint, but it is running at a high level of intensity, somewhere close to sprinting, but presumably faster than race pace.

In order to be competitive at the top of the game, constant reinforcement of running technique, stride length and frequency is very much needed. It also is the most overlooked aspect of distance running, in a world dictated by the numbers on the watch. Only, when analyzing races at various levels, it is almost always the athlete with the better biomechanics who comes away with winning the race.

To optimally use the SpeedRunning method, coaches must understand what to look for in a running pattern and how to teach athletes to adjust towards their biomechanical model through effective motor learning.

SpeedRunning is a great way to improve running technique. It gives you the power, timing and endurance to run Faster Longer Better.

It is the leading philosophy of the North West Milers Initiative.

But don’t worry, you will still run. A lot.