To be able to guarantee an elite performance level of commitment and mindset, the North West MILERS Initiative has drawn up standards/guidelines.

  1. The athlete must be able or have the goal to qualify for a National Team and thus run internationally.
  2. The sky is the limit. Start to look at the 1150-1200 points range of theĀ Points IAAF MV as a good goal to pursue in your track life and go from there.
  3. U20 (Junior) /high school athletes should have their development at their local club or regional centre and should come back later. U23 are considered depending on circumstances.
  4. There are options for cooperation/temporary memberships for short stay athletes AND/OR coaches passing through during part of base/preparation/racing season. Please ask.
  5. Coaches looking for a role on the team are encouraged to seek contact and put forward their ideas.

Pricing and finance proposals will be personalised based on performance level and current/projected income from sports and direct sports related activities and can consist of (1) a flat fee, (2) % of performance and sports related income or a combination (1+2). Lead Coach Peter Wolters holds a level 4 Coaching- and an IAAF Athlete Representative license to make it a package deal.

For funding: try to get some kind of sponsorship, loan, family funding or flexible part time job that will pay for coaching, training camps and travel. Work to live.