The ‘North West MILERS Initiative’ for Elite Performance Running

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The North West Milers Initiative helps runners to go next level to become world class milers and to be prepared to race the biggest races in the World.

North West stands for the geographical location the initiative is operating from, both in The Netherlands as in Europe.

A Miler is a track athlete with a sustained smooth running style at super high speed.

Started in 2015 with the ambition of Sanne Wolters-Verstegen to run 1’59” in the 800m, the Milers Foundation was set up to create a full time training environment with appointed Lead Coach Peter Wolters.

For Sanne this led to a whole new level of training and racing, with highlights of running 1’59” in the 800m, three years in a row now, and qualifying for the Semi Final at the 2017 Euro Indoors in Belgrade and World Championships in London. Also in 2017, Sanne ran a National Record, albeit in the 1000m indoor. In 2018, Sanne picked up her 17th individual National Championship title and ran at the European Championships in Berlin. Performing at the 2019 World Championships in Doha and Tokyo2020 are other goals on the horizon.

With the successes and experiences of the last years, it became clear that more athletes like Sanne are finding their limit in their current situation. So, anno 2018,  it is time to open a formal platform to help the MILERS to pursue their dream and race the biggest races possible.

At the end of 2018 Bianca Baak joined the full time programme. Bianca is a 7 times National Champion, holds the National Record U23 and won a silver at EuroU23 400mH.

Also, collaboration with other athletes started. They are remotely coached and are coming in for specific workouts, the occasional weekends and training camps.

Note: The North West MILERS Initiative has a big network in international athletics and can also help in the planning and logistics of races all over Europe. Lead Coach Peter Wolters holds an IAAF Athlete Representative Licence. A % of sponsorships/appearance/prize money will be withheld.